The problems of life quality, health support, and longevity are related for all us, first of all, to the synchronism of the processes of vital activity running in human organism.

In healthy organisms, all processes are running synchronously. In the case of a disease, the synchronism of the processes in organism is broken. This occurs not only on the cellular level, but also touches the endocrinous, immune, and other controlling systems. If a disease becomes chronic, the degree of desynchronism increases, by causing the propagation of the disease onto other organs and systems.

The synchronism of the processes in organism is also broken during its ageing. Many researchers indicate that, with increase in the age, there occurs a slow dehydration of organism. In this case, cells are slagged, intracellular and exchange processes are desynchronized, the number of stem cells supplying young cells to organs decreases catastrophically, which deteriorates the protective properties of organism, etc.

The answer to the question “How can the synchronism of the functioning of systems of our organism be supported?” is related to our internal aqueous medium and the consumption of complementary coherent water.

Namely this water corresponds completely, by structure and state, to intracellular water.

Complementary coherent water

— causes no aberrations (breaks) of chromosomes,

— is not toxic,

— activates the production of interferon during 72 h up to 360 un.act./ml, whereas cells in the control group die in 24 h, by producing interferon in the amount of at most 128 un.act./ml,

— increases reliably the efficiency of inhibition of the vesicular stomatitis virus amounted to 2 lg ID50,

— increases reliably the protective properties of the immune system against the herpes infection (2 lg ID50),

— activates the inhibition of HIV/AIDS; as a result, the number of lymphocytes CD4+ in patient’s blood increases, and some opportunistic diseases of organism disappear.



Viktor G. Krasnobryzhev