Coherent water – way to the extension of life

“Give me a dish with negentropy,

and I shall live always”.

E. Schrödinger




V.G. Krasnobryzhev


From the viewpoint of biology, the rejuvenation is the return to a state, in which no signs of ageing of cellular structures of human organism are present. This would be caused by the unbounded number of division of cells. Though such signs are not discovered till now, human organisms contain the cells with unbounded division. They are fetal or stem cells, as well as primordial germ cells.

One of the reasons for the ageing of organisms is related to the exhaustion of a store of stem cells. Though the resource of division of stem cells (CCs) is not theoretically bounded, their temporal degradation is obvious. In many researches, it is shown that, during maturing the man/woman, the ratio of the numbers of CCs and blast cells (BCs) decreases catastrophically. For example, it is equal to 1 CC to 10 thou of BCs at the birth and 1 CC to 5-8 mln of BCs at the age of 60-80. The reason for the deterioration of a proliferous potential of stem cells and, as a consequence, a decrease in their number is referred to the ageing of niches, in which CCs are located [1-3].

At the present time, CCs are studied in a lot of scientific-research institutions. Moreover, they are intensively introduced in clinic practice, in particular, for the rejuvenation. However, the efficiency of the transplantation of CCs in an ageing organism is low (1.5 – 2 yr), since the niches for their introduction are old, which initiates the process of degradation of CCs.

The scientific leader of the Methuselah foundation, biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey from Cambridge asserts that the intervention into the ageing does not require the complete comprehension of all interconnected processes causing the ageing. In order to develop a therapeutic approach, we must understand the main reason for the ageing.

The chairman of the council of guardians of the Fund “Science for the extension of life” M. Batin says that „… it would be very pleasant if we would invent a method to prevent decreasing the pool of stem cells”.

One of the reasons for the ageing of niches of CCs consists in the exhaustion of the internal low-entropy resource of organism. This resource is related to the α-L-chirality of protein molecules of organism and is realized through the interaction of spin moments of molecules creating the intramolecular fields, which act as an external field ordering the spins and decreasing the entropy of the systems of organism [4]. Therefore, the low-entropy resource consists namely in the structural organization of the systems of organism.

The authors of work [5] showed that the number of turns of the DNA superspiral decreases in the course of ageing of cells due to its untwisting. Since the degree of the twisting of the DNA superspiral controls the reading of a genetic information, its untwisting induces a distortion of the synthesis of proteins. However, we mention the presence of the entropic factor related to a slow degradation of the internal field of DNA and the fields of DNA’s molecules associated with the disordering of the spins of molecules and the exhaustion of a low-entropy resource of the cellular environment of stem cells. At some time moment, stem cells pass in the dormant state, in which they can be for years.

The multistability of complex nonlinear systems such as the cellular structures of organism and the probabilistic nature of their permanent development and self-organization lead to the necessity to search for the “system-forming” factors, which include the entropy.

Here, it is worth to cite the phrase of the American physicist Fr. Keffer: “The future belong to those who will learn to control the entropy…”.

The great physicist E. Schrödinger in his book “What is Life — the Physical Aspect of the Living Cell” wrote:  “An alive organism can avoid its death, only by consuming the “negative entropy” from the environment. If the entropy is a measure of disorder, then the negative entropy or negentropy is a measure of order.”

The negentropy term was first introduced by Léon Brillouin. The negentropy is a physical factor counteracting the growth of chaos. In other words, the struggle of biosystems for the existence is the struggle for the economical consumption of organism’s negentropy during the life.

The idea of one of the methods to counteract the ageing of organisms consists in the import of negentropy. Moreover, since water is the dominating component of any alive matter, it can be the main supplier of negentropy to human organism.

Let us consider the process of transition of water in the negentropic state.

The entropy of water is determined by the formula

where k is the Boltzmann constant or a quantum of entropy, N and N+ are the populations of energy levels by molecules of water.

Under conditions of thermodynamic equilibrium (N> N+), there exists an excess of nuclear spins on the higher energy level. This difference is small. For example, for 1000000 spins on the level N+, we have 1000007 spins on the level N. However, if the population of energy levels takes the form N> N+, the entropy becomes negative, i.e., water becomes negentropic.

The analog of negentropic water can be presented by coherent water, in which the population of energy levels has the form N> N+, i.e., the medium with the least uncertainty of the state tending to zero (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1. Population of energy levels by water molecules


The coherence is the appearance of correlations (interconnections and interdependences) between elements of the system and their coordinated behavior on the macrolevel. The authors of works [6-8] defined the coherence of alive systems as the molecular ordering of a cellular substrate, which determines the intracellular coordination of biochemical reactions and processes, as well as their realization on the structural and morphological levels.

The difference of a young organism from an old one consists in the high degree of coherence caused by the coherent state of the protein molecules of plasmatic membranes [9].

The coherence establishes the internal order and the stability and allows one to damp the destructing and desynchronizing action of the environment on organism.

We now consider several factors decreasing the coherence of plasmatic membranes and the intracellular substrate.

  1. I. The authors of works [10, 11] indicated that the reason for the formation of defective cellular structures and, respectively, for the increase of their entropy is saturated acids (SAs). SAs supplied to a cell in a passive way cause an increase of the concentrations of Са2+ and Na+ and a decrease of the concentration of K+, which violates the transmission of signals at the interaction of hormones. But the building-in of SAs in a membrane changes significantly the structure of a cell membrane and, respectively, increases the entropy and decreases the coherence of the membrane and the intracellular substrate.
  2. II. The accumulation of products of the vital activity (“rubbish”) in cells changes the structure of cytoplasma, breaks the coherence of intracellular processes, and, finally, leads to the death of cells.

III. The basic substance of cytoplasma is water. The whole cellular system of organism has a resonance frequency close to that of water, and the structure of intracellular water influences the functional state of cells [12]. Water enters the structure of DNA, by forming an analog of liquid crystal, by determining the functional activity of DNA. Drinking water has simultaneously L- and R-polarizations: 50×50%. Entering the cells of organism, water passes completely in the state with L-polarization, which is caused by the L-symmetry of the structures of organisms. Since this process requires the energy consumption, the entropy of a cell increases. As a result, the coherent coordination and the functional activity of intracellular processes are temporarily broken.

  1. IV. The factors determining the uniqueness of stem cells are present in cytoplasma, rather than in nuclei of cells. Specifically, we mention the excess of mRNAs of all three thousands of genes [3]. Therefore, a decrease of the coherence of cytoplasma will directly influence a functional state of CCs, by causing their ageing or the transition to the dormant state.

Hence, the restoration of the coherent state of cellular structures will induce an increase of the intensity of the intracellular informational exchange and biochemical reactions, the selectivity of processes, the self-purification of surfaces from catalytic poisons, etc. These expectations, especially those for chemical oscillatory reactions with forced oscillations, are confirmed (see, e.g., [13]).

Therefore, the consumption of coherent water will initiate the transfer of the negentropy to organism, a high degree of coherence of cellular structures, the holding of them in the active state (including the stem cells), and the restoration of properties of informational and power systems. This will lead to an increase of the workability and immunity and to the deceleration of the ageing of organism.


Studies of the biological activity of coherent water


The ideology of studies is determined by the following premises.

  1. The ageing of organism is associated with the decoherentization of intracellular processes and an increase of the entropy of cellular structures.
  2. The ageing is accompanied by the violation of functions of the immune (lymphoid) protective system of organism due to the regulatory changes of the Т-lymphoid system, which controls the growth of somatic cells [14].
  3. Immune cells of the Т-lymphoid system can be considered as niches.
  4. The consumption of coherent water induces a high degree of coherence of cellular structures and the restoration of correlations (interconnections and interdependences) between cells, their coordinated behavior on the macrolevel, an enhancement of the protective functions of organism, and the deceleration of the processes of ageing.

The studies of the efficiency of coherent water were carried out by means of the determination of its influence on the immune protection of infected organisms in vitro and in vivo, including the activation of senescent cells of the immune system.

The experiments were carried out at the Institute of Epidemiology and Infection Diseases of the AMS of Ukraine.

In the studies, we used coherent water with L-polarization. The results of studies show that coherent water

— causes no aberrations (breaks) of chromosomes,

— is not toxic,

— activates the production of interferon during 72 h up to 360 un.act./ml, whereas cells in the control group die in 24 h, by producing interferon in the amount of at most 128 un.act./ml,

— increases reliably the efficiency of inhibition of the vesicular stomatitis virus amounted to 2 lg ID50,

— increases reliably the protective properties of the immune system against the herpes infection (2 lg ID50),

— activates the inhibition of HIV/AIDS; as a result, the number of lymphocytes CD4+ in patient’s blood increases, and some opportunistic diseases of organism disappear.





  1. The executed studies of the efficiency of coherent water have shown that its consumption increases the activity of the immune protection of organism, which testifies to the perspective of its use in systems aimed at the extension of human life.
  2. Coherent water can play the role of a negentropic factor and, therefore, can counteract the ageing of niches for stem cells.
  3. With the purpose to rejuvenate some organism, it is necessary to make transplantation of stem cells together with the consumption of coherent water.
  4. The use of coherent water in any age will counteract the ageing of organism, which can be seen in external manifestations and can be determined in internal ones.



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