The effectiveness of a coherent water for HIV

Substantiation of the Efficiency of the Action of Coherent Water

under HIVinfection


  1. V. G. Krasnobryzhev


Coherence is a state of matter, in which atoms or molecules oscillate at the same frequency with the same phase.


  1. HIV can penetrate into Т-lymphocytes CD4+, whose surfaces contain a special protein-receptor gр120. The virus binds with this protein with the help of chemokine СХСR-4 (reaction of polymerization) by the “key-lock” principle and easily penetrate into a lymphocyte.

The process of development of viral infections in organism is based on the biochemical reactions, whose rate is controlled not only by enzymes, but also by spin states of reagents.

As is known from spin chemistry, if molecules entering a chemical reaction have antiparallel spins (singlet state), the chemical bond can be formed. But if the interacting molecules have parallel spins (triplet state), then the chemical reactions in a triplet pair cannot run in most cases, because the prohibition of chemical reactions by spin is insuperable.

If a patient drinks coherent water, its organism passes to the coherent state (effect of synchronism). This state holds for 15 sec, and then the process of decoherentization is running for 12 h.

The decoherentization is accompanied by a decrease of the frequency of oscillations, but the phase is conserved. The decrease of the frequency affects the processes of spin exchange between HIV virus and Т-lymphocytes CD4+ on the surface, which participate in the reaction of polymerization. This influence appears by two reasons. First, the orientation of the spin of one of the molecules related to the decoherentization changes many times during the formation of a chemical bond. Second, the spin state of molecules changes arbitrarily. As a result, the singlet pairs of molecules recombine in the triplet ones, and the efficiency of a chemical reaction of polymerization (HIV — СХСR-4 — lymphocyte CD-4) decreases sharply. In this connection, the replicative activity of HIV drops. The virus remains in the intercellular region, is recognized by cells of the immune system, and is destroyed.


The example of a laboratory study of the coherent and noncoherent states of water.


We have used L-polarized coherent water, which was caused by the fact that the structure of all protein molecules of human organism has L-torsion. Respectively, coherent water must be complementary to human organism.

We studied the dispersions of a disordering of spin structures of water in the initial and coherent states and in a state after the decoherentization.

To register such changes, we applied an apparatus-programmable complex “Oberon.” Its functioning is based on the principle of the amplification of an initiating signal at the decay of metastable spin systems by means of the action of an external magnetic field and low-frequency (up to 8.2 Hz) sound on them. Under the action of the magnetic field and sound, there occurs the disordering of the spin structures of delocalized electrons of water, which causes the appearance of unstable metastable states. The decay of these states plays the role of an amplifier of the initiating signal registered by “Oberon.”

On the plots in Fig. 1, we present the dispersions of a disordering of spin structures of water in the initial (1) and coherent (2) states and after the decoherentization (3).

It is seen that the dispersions of spin structures of water in the N- and S-th directions of the induction in the initial state and in the state after the decoherentization differ by 15%. This exceeds the measurement error equal to ± 10% and indicates that, in the process of decoherentization, the characteristic frequency of water is changed, which causes the conversion of singlet spin states and, on the other hand, hampers the desynchronization of water structures in the connection with the conservation of a phase.


  1. In healthy organism, all processes are running synchronously. In this case, the cells exchange information with one another on the cellular level in the ultraviolet range with wavelengths of 240-380 nm. Despite a significant width of the range, where the exchange of information happens, this exchange is realized with the same phase, i.e., coherently. This yields the coherence and, respectively, the synchronism of all processes in human organism.

At a disease, the synchronism of processes in organism is broken. This occurs not only on the cellular level, but affects the endocrine, immune, and other controlling systems. But if a disease becomes chronic, the degree of desynchronization of organism increases, by causing the extension of the disease onto other organs and systems.

The consumption of L-polarized coherent water complementary to organism leads to the recovery of the synchronism of the processes in organism and, in particular, of systems such as the immune and endocrine ones.


It is of great importance that the recovery of the synchronous state of cellular structures is accompanied by an increase of the intensity of intracellular informational exchange and the selectivity of processes. Moreover, the surfaces are self-purified from catalytic slags, etc.

Therefore, the usage of L-polarized coherent water brings back the synchronism and the vital force to a sick human organism and, hence, sanitizes it.


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